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Armeanul cel Cumplit de Viteaz

Dupa moartea Marelui Stefan, tronul Moldovei a fost ocupat vremelnic de fiul sau, Bogdan cel Chior. Fiul celui din urma, Stefan cel Tanar sau Stefanita Voda, muri la randul sau fara de urmasi legitimi. Pe tron se inscauna Petru Rares, un copil din flori al lui Stefan cel Mare. In scurta sa perioada de domnie, Moldova a stralucit totusi datorita talentului sau diplomatic, Petru Rares dovedindu-se un voievod iubit de popor, care baga iarasi groaza in randurile dusmanilor. Urma apoi cruda domnie a lui Voda Alexandru Lapusneanu, ale carui excese si carnagii au ramas intiparite chiar si in literatura romaneasca, sub pana lui Costache Negruzzi. In tot acest rastimp, un alt vlastar din trupul lui Stefan cel Mare, crestea necunoscut in strainataturi, departe de ochii celor care se luptau intre ei pentru tronul Moldovei. Este vorba de fiul bastard al lui Stefan cel Tanar, Ioan sau Ion, depinde de cronicar. Mama acestui adevarat stranepot al lui Stefan cel Mare a fost o femeie de neam armean din familia Serpega. Vitejia, gandirea strategica, forta fizica si neinduplecarea o mosteni de la tatal sau, Stefan cel Tanar, descris in letopisete drept un personaj dintr-o bucata, cu un caracter bataios.

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imagine the possibilities

abea astept sa-l puna in practica.

greatest ux storry yet!

O intamplare interesanta intamplata intre o “moz dev”-a si un domn Joe 60 de ani fara nici o cunostinta in ale computerelor..

urmariti povestea, e genial cat de diferita este experienta utilizatorilorfata de ce ar trebui sa fie nativ si natural.


I decide to first expose Joe to the three major browsers. I begin by pulling up Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer (as Joe encountered it)

Me: “Joe, let’s pretend you’ve sat down at this computer, and your goal is finding a local restaurant to eat at.”

Joe: “But I don’t know what to do.”

Me: “I know, but I want you to approach this computer like you approach a city you’re not familiar with. I want you to investigate and look around try and figure out how it works. And I want you to talk out loud about what you’re thinking and what you’re trying.”

(I show Joe how to use a mouse. He looks skeptical, but takes it in his hand and stares at the screen.)

Joe: “I don’t know what anything means.”

(Joe reads the text on IE and clicks on “Suggested Sites”)

Me: “Why did you click on that?”

Joe: “I don’t really know what to do, so I thought this would suggest something to me.”

(Joe reads a notification that there are no suggestions because the current site is private)

Joe: “I guess not.”


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Windows 8 interaction modell

go go Ms Ux team!

There’ll be two kinds of applications for Windows 8, one that runs in a traditional desktop, and the other pseudo-mobile apps based on HTML5 and Javascript, but both environments — rather, the entire OS — have been designed from the ground up for touchscreen use. Keyboard and mouse will still be options for both sets of programs, but there are multiple virtual sets of keys for different form factors, including a split keyboard for vertical slate use. Multitasking is simply a matter of swiping running apps into the center of the screen, and you can pull windows partway to “snap” them in place alongside other windows — even mixing and matching traditional desktop programs with web apps simultaneously (like Twitter alongside your spreadsheet). There’s a new version of Internet Explorer 10 (which runs Silverlight) and an app store built into the touchscreen interface, along with inetegrated services like Offic 365. Microsoft says the new OS will run on laptops, tablets and desktops when it appears — whenever that might be.

keep up the good work…