culorile noi, metodele vechi

Want your visual design to stand out? A simple way to do that is to find and use a unique color scheme. And this article will show you how to easily find unconventional color combinations using the color wheel.

1: Identifying Primary Colors

Primary Colors

The elementary forehead-slapping-obvious first step. But identifying primary colors is in this guide for completeness sake. Here are the three primary colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Okay, that was Colors 101. Why does this matter? It helps to cross out the first list of conventional combinations. Don’t use any combination of primary colors if you want an unconventional color scheme. Any of the primary colors go well together, so no unconventional color combinations are possible here.

2: Identifying Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are when 2 primary colors are mixed. Again, pretty obvious, but knowing these will help in crossing off conventional color combinations. Here are the three secondary colors:

  • Purple (blue + red)
  • Orange (red + yellow)
  • Green (yellow + blue)

Time to cross off the next batch of no-good color combinations (since they’re so conventional). In this case, it’s any combination of a primary color with it’s opposite secondary color. They’re known as contrasting a.k.a. opposite colors. Contrasting colors are natural matches, as you can see by looking at the color wheel:

  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green
  • Yellow and purple

These are no good since they’re so conventional. Now onto step 3, which is where you can find your first two unconventional color combination opportunities.

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