and here they are.. the monsters of romanian new wave

demult tare demult auzisem despre ei..

Rodion GA este una din cele mai importante trupe, din curentul New Wave din Romania. Cu un sound exceptional si ramasa acum, aprope complet necunoscuta, nu a reusit sa scoata niciodata un album. Aceasta este probabil singura inregistrare cu trupa Rodion GA, care a rezistat trecerii timpului. Inregistrarea a fost difuzata pe canalul national de televiziune, in cadrul programului de revelion din 1983-84. Restul filmarilor de arhiva cu aceasta formatie, au disparul misterios.” Rodion G.A. was founded in 1978 by Rodion Ladislau Rosca, Gicu Farcas and Adrian (RIP!). The band promoted an experimental new wave music and had a lot of conjunctural features. Very popular in Romania in the early eighties, they never recorded an album. Band’s only disc issue in the communist era was on a collective record – “Rock bands 1980″. After the group disbanded, Rodion Rosca quit musical life and avoided any public appearence. In 2008, after three decades of history, the indie label Roadrunner Music bought the copyrights, remixed old tapes and brought Rodion and Gicu in the Next Dog and Sysound studios to record new versions of their old hits. The double LP Rodion G.A. 1978-1983, 2008 – will be out in the summer of 2009.

multumim lui bogdan huma pentru iluminare



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