Moments in time…!

Mai expresiv si mai profund, cel mai asteptat album Anathema a fost lansat dupa o lunga asteptare. “We’re here because we’re here” este albumul despre care Danny Cavanagh, unul dintre fondatorii trupei, spune: “este de departe cel mai bun album pe care l-am facut vreodata”.

In cadrul unui evenimentului special ”Moments in time”, gazduit de Mojo Bar, vineri 11 iunie, incepand cu ora 22.00 esti invitat sa simti conceptul “timp” in viziunea trupei britanice . ..

Stil inconfundabil, calatorie cu opriri suficiente pentru maturizare, atmosfera unica, arta, intr-o proiectie inedita prin care ne manifestam devotamentul fata de ceea ce inseamna ANATHEMA.

In Mojo!

Moments…in time:

Deep…within the past (1995-1996)

Past (1998-1999)

Present (2001-2003)

Future (2010…)

“And so, what happens is, I suppose,
(and isn’t it a raging or outrageous)
State of pure consciousness, stillness and silence?
Yeah, what we are looking for now,
We are searching for and we have been searching for,
…Now we’ve become closer it and now we know it’s already there,
Is there for ever to seek,
It’s there,
And it’s going be there,
All the time,

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