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inapoi la lume…

In postul asta promit sa adun diverse crampeie de text din citirea internetului sau discutiile cu prieteni care scoase din context au complet alta insemnatate.

-“Can i speak to mister Dior please?”

-te ashtept cu draga inima

-de fiecare data cand am apuca/ma gandesc cum te simt… si cum ma simti

-I wish, oh I wish…
-I want to do everything that i love (especially you)
-You are my kind of beautifull
-One day i will make it all up to you
-“Inlocuiti frica de necunoscut prin curiozitate “
-we did it when we were young
-…si sa cacat pe tricoul meu…
-ce se intampla ..dupa ce stingi lumina in chiuveta?
-to much time spent on nothing
-“ de batrana-i nemurirea..”
-I’ve touched my dreams, but still I bleed.
-NOW it’s the right time.
-if you can imagine it you can achieve it, if you cand dream it you can become it- wiliam arthur ward
-if all the creatures ould be what they are now they’ll be no more.


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landscaping went good

Landscaping din colectia Amir Schlezinger

no comment… dar nu ma pot abtine sa nu zic wow

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here come the transformes

need a extension to your hand? a pen like feel?

si ce daca.. inca nu exista dar daca totusi nu se poate fara.. elecom a inventat un device care ar trebui sa tina loc pana se descoera conceptul cel bun de pointer apple? lebedeiev?

M-SN1ULSV2 (Matte silver)

M-SN1ULBK (Black)