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i’ll fashion you so hard!

exploziv, simplu si cu implicatii punk.. need more? … fken luvit! hardcore cu veleitati de indipunk



REK Bookcase

Mobilier de exceptie:

-idee simpla

-realizare din materiale ieftine

-spectaculozitate crescuta

-factorul WOW extraordinar

-designer nascut in tarile de jos

aici gasim designerul, stilul, materiale… deci …

daca te-ai saturat de sufragerie, bucatarie, restaurant, sala de mese, parc, sau orice alt loc cu destinatie multipla printre care servitul mesei.. here what this guys have 2 offer


The first expression that I had, when I saw this project was: wow! It remains me the three-houses that appears in the film  The Time Machine.  Do you remember when the main character visit the future for the first time?  well, it doesn’t matter really, but the houses of that fiction town was just like this: light structures of wood, built in the top of the trees.

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, will be done before Christmas (right now is under construction).  You can watch the progress of the project in the site:


eu sunt prea curios sa vad ce iese.. daca iese cum trebuie that is.

gugal has it

de la oameni fara cap la capatul lumii, u have 2 c this

13. The Void

And to your left, you can see the endless void that consumes all life. Please stick to the right side of the street.



12. Your face called…

…it wants its left side back.

Half Face


11. He sees things we cannot see

The cameras that Google is using for this aren’t really working all that well.

Crazy Eyes


10. Giant Pumpkin

It’s a giant pumpkin. Right there in the field. Turn the image 180 degrees for a weird pink smoky…thing, too.



09. The guy with no head.

This guy shouldn’t complain, at least it’s hard to identify him.



08. Semi-naked babe

We could open our web browser and find zillions of pictures of hot babes within seconds. In better quality. And more naked. But, there’s something about finding a blurry pic of a semi-naked babe drawn on a truck on Google Maps that makes our heart race.

Semi naked babe


07. The Internet sucks

“The Internet sucks, come here for your erotic needs”, they say. Well, is Tera Patrick being all naked and naughty in there? Is she? Didn’t think so.

Internet sucks


06. Cornelius and his dog

There’s a sad background story to this one. Read it here.



05. Girls sunbathing

A couple of girls sunbathing on a lawn isn’t exactly spectacular, but it’s better than the blurry picture of the semi-naked babe on a truck.

Sunbathing babes


04. Guy getting into the adult book store.

Hey, it could have been worse. He could have been going out of a strip club, or something.

Adult Book Store


03. Guy getting out of strip club

We’re gonna have to be honest here: the guy looks like he’s merely paying for parking. But, that’s a strip club behind him, and we will, of course, assume he just spent some sexy time with Mimi and Peaches. Is that a happy grin on his face? Sure it is.

Strip club


02. Crime in progress

Maybe the guy just forgot his keys. Or he’s practicing for the free climbing contest. Hey, is that a lockpicking set dangling out of his pocket?

Breaking in


01. ET

Some might say it’s a lens flare. Some might argue it’s a camera malfunction. It’s the sunlight reflecting off the…lamp post…and a lens flare….and a camera malfunction, skeptics will yell!

But deep in your heart you all know it’s ET. Phooooone. Hooooome.





10. Something small & white that Enrique Iglesias Isn’t In.

9. Rip, Mix, & Burn Down RIAA Headquarters

8. Lick My Shiny Metal Ass

7. Not responsible for prolonged damage to the ear & brain

6. Not to be used as a suppository

5. Screwing The RIAA One Download At A Time

4. iMasturbate five times a day

3. iPod Limited Edition: Retard Compatible

2. I cost more than three hookers


guess who

evident cine putea sa se joace cu iconuri rusesti si sa le stea si bine, sa dezvolte si ceva cool, modern si next gen.. doar nu apple… nop.. prietenii occidentalii din est, trend setterii din fostul ex.. noul new york….

i give you artlebedev’s new MatryoshkaBIT my naming skills lack finesse.



Wanna tv’whit us?

atunci join the battle

magazinul tau a pus la bataie un tv.. pt un logo .. la bataie e impropriu spus mai bine zis la scos la aerisit… deci hai sa incercam sa-l luam ca nu dealta dar vine criza si abea ashtept sa nu mai am bani de curent nici pt tv