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the 0(zero)house

bai da vreau asta cam de acum 5 ani .. si eu mai am nishte idei care ar face din casa asta probabil -5house




dream machines

am vazut recent un interviu in care bono pentru care imi pierdusem interesul odata cu toata sharada asta cu world piss m-a dat pe spate efectiv vorbind coerent si foarte focusata asupra unor probleme foarte delicate ash avea mutle de invatzat de la omul asta facea o afirmatie foarte mishto ceva de genul Ce-mi place mie la secolul 21 ? E ca diferenta intre ce visam si ce poate fi costruit nu mai exista. chestia asta o simteam demult dar cum a spuso el si cu tonul ala punkrock.. da.. si avea dreptate.. putem analiza asta in bordul unui Honda civic nou.. care arata de parca e decupat dintr-o revista sau website-uri care depashesc orice imaginatie.. supercomputere care au depasit demult orice ashteptari ale gamerilor…. 3d enviro.. de te cutremuri cat de reale pot fi lucrurile realizate din bitzi si plasma…

whatever ultima aditize care a si izbucnit in mie shuvoiu asta de litere

here comes .. THE DREAM aka FT-HS hybrid



Swarovski’s love drops

nu-i asa ca arata ca nishte love drops? u tell me

Swarovski’s lovedrops anyone?



uber shuz

evident shuz r tha shizzzz, dupa cum semnalam lai demult nu chear asa demult sha shuz r tha new purse or tha new backpack.. fashion statement… design pe asfalt.. bani in vant si prin baltzi .. deci here are the NEW shuz of tomorrow


de gasit la karmaloop

pentru modesta suma de 170 wats


stie si micro sa faca ceva soft… watch&learn blizzard here comes the oldest kid on tha block…so watch&learn


abea ashtept

Scientists Invent 30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery

Your next laptop could have a continuous power battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge thanks to work being funded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. The breakthrough betavoltaic power cells are constructed from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy source. As the radioactive material decays it emits beta particles that transform into electric power capable of fueling an electrical device like a laptop for years.


daca urmatoarea stire nu e  “Scientists that Invented the  30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery found dead with 3 plugs in his ass” treaba-i buna

go to the source dak nu ma credetz

cas a fie clar

wtf is OTAKU?

here it is

A Japanese word describing a person beyond the realm of fandom but into mania that is improperly used by American fans.

In Japan the word “otaku” has become taboo because of Miyazaki Tsutomu who went on a toddler murdering spree in the 80’s, video taping the young girls he had murdered from an obsession with lolicon (female pedophilic manga).

Americans use this term to call themselves “fanboys” or “fangirls” with almost no knowledge of the horrific roots behind the word.

American Fangirl: “I have a huge collection of Macross, NGE, Sailor Moon, yaoi, and many other anime! I’m such an otaku!


Otaku is a Japanese word for house.

As in you never leave it.

Please don’t call yourself an otaku, especially in front of real Japanese people, which you most likely never meet.

mai exact


An extremely negative Japanese term, referring to a shut-in or someone with no social life. It also implies that the person’s entire life is molded around fictional characters (usually anime and manga).
In America, the term has been embraced by anime fans, who (as they do with many Japanese words), use the word incorrectly as a positive term for fanboy/girl

singura legatura cu comunitatea internationala despre care eu sa stiu este sau same thing