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Colin Mc Rae is dead

The GODFATHER of WRC is dead

impreuna cu fiul sau de 6 ani CMR, a decedat la inceputul saptaminii intr-un ciudat accident de elicopter

Former world rally champion Colin McRae is believed to have been killed along with three others in a helicopter crash near his home in Lanarkshire.

The helicopter, which police believe was owned by Mr McRae, 39, came down on Saturday afternoon in Jerviswood, about a mile from Lanark, and caught fire.


here it is!

the ql-est lookingphotomaking moneygrabing petyourselfonthebackforbuyingthiscamera


here it is!


sunt si mai scumpe… asta e tip of the iceberg, deci make way fo tha king Hasselblad H3D II

doar 3453 mega pixeli pe centimetru cuib


asa ca EOS.. pacat .. ne pare rau dar ai fost DESCALIFICAT!

p.s si daca tot veni vorba.. si datzi 21.000 $ on a piss off technology buy yar self some amour for it ….


pentru totzi prietenii mei obsedatzi de iPhone din ro si nu e putzini care saliveaza la ideea ca va aparea in germania si anglia .. eventual poate prin 2043 in ro .. deci pentru tuata lumea asta buy’ar self dis one

fiction vs. reality

mituri celebre demontate pe fapte reale… mai existe si citeva ne elucidate dar tocmai asta intretine misterul šŸ˜€
foarte “handy” site-ul

take a peekĀ 

2 va rog…

cica poze facute cu 40D.. adica daca imi iau 40D fac poze dintrastea?



need seven big bubz?

Scientist have come up with an amazing creation of a fat mixture along with concentrated stem cells, which, when infused into the breast, apparently helps tissue to grow. This therapy in which fat from the tummy or bottom could be used to grow new breasts can be carried out in an hour. This treatment could be of great help to cancer patients who have had mastectomies. Fat from respective area can be taken out with a standard liposuction procedure, and the stem cells then extracted which are placed into a cartridge ready for injection one hour later. Within six months results start showing the breast starts filing up. Experts feel that it is a positive development for medical science but are not very sure whether it would provide any immediate results in cosmetic surgery. The researchers need to find out how these cells work once they are in the breast before any great claims can be made.