synthetic trees

that’s right.. copaci falsi din metal si plastic

” Technology is available for developing large “artificial trees” to remove carbon dioxide directly from air. These artificial trees can be designed to remove a volume of CO2 equal to the total tailpipe CO2 emissions of a given region, resulting in a zero net balance of CO2 in the atmosphere; effectively making the hydrocarbon burning cars and trucks in the region equal to zero-emissions vehicles.

The CO2 could be “harvested” from the artificial trees and recycled back into synthetic gasoline or synthetic diesel fuel.

Synthetic gasoline made from recycled CO2 would be renewable because the CO2 tailpipe emissions from hydrocarbon burning engines would be drawn out of the atmosphere by artificial trees and chemically recycled back into synthetic gasoline. ”

deci aruncatzi hybridurile si datzi foc la paduri .. ne-am scos WOOOOT!


am sa-mi plantez si eu in glastra un copacel dintrasta sa ma uit la el zile in sir daca cum creste si se face mai frumos.



  edgar wrote @

lasa ca stim noi ce ti-ai planta tu in glastra… foarte organic, chiar 🙂 Woot, woot… 😀

  sign0ff wrote @

:)) pe la unii nu e legal .. deci posteaza si tu nishte poze cu sera din curticica

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